Reasons why Online Degree from Dr MGR is worth it

To bring about a global progressive change through education, the Tmt Kannammal Educational Trust was constituted in 1985 who then inaugurated the Thai Moogambigai Polytechnic College. After three years of its inception in 1988, they came up with the Dr MGR Engineering. The pandemic of 2020 compelled the university to shift online, making the operations and functioning of the college to be online too. The multiple challenges that 2020 brought about with it were overcome by education and technology. This reason pushed the Deemed to be university to provide a better foothold for the students to face these challenges head-on. The extensive and exclusive range of courses offered here at the Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute University has moved online too from the January’21 batch onwards making the best educational services to be easier and acceptable.

There are many myths surrounding online degrees and how they are not really worth it. But we are here to tell you that they are worth it and are probably better than the traditional methods of education in some ways. The fact of the matter is that online degrees have been called down upon owing to the ease of access and convenience it offers. But we are here to tell you about some factors that make online education and degrees totally worth it – 

  • Opportunity cost decreases manifolds – Online degrees are certainly less expensive than offline, also known as traditional learning. Additionally, upon the choice, you can also continue working or take up a job opportunity whilst studying consecutively. You can also choose to freelance while studying as many students do take up these days and make some money out of it, allowing you to the lowering of your opportunity costs.
  • The flexibility of your schedule – When you are attending a traditional course where you have to visit the college campus, you do not have the power and control over your schedule as you are given a schedule from the university or college and you have to abide by that, making plans surrounding that schedule. On the contrary, with the online course, you gave the flexibility and freedom of attending the course as and preparing a schedule for the rest of your chores with freedom and no hindrances.
  • Time-saving – Traditional schooling and university requires you to visit the campus every day. This can get specifically exhausting when you have to travel miles to get to the campus for just one attendance mark. With the online degree, you can rest assured that you do not need to waste any more time travelling, and can use that time to learn something more useful.
  • Increase in employment opportunities – On the contrary to popular belief, employers and recruiters do give more preference to the students with an online degree. This preference stems from the belief that students holding online degrees are indeed harder working and can multi-task making them the ideal employees.

Opt for the online degrees from Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute University today and avail these benefits of online degrees.