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MA English equips the students to understand the key aspects of the English Language which include world literature, Poetry, and Drama. The students will be able to become creative writers and researchers in the field of English language and literature.

Program Objectives

To give the student a first-hand knowledge of the major literature works of the period.

To enable learners the major trends and writers in English literature

To develop the ability to read and appreciate critically the literary works by the major English authors and through literature provides them a sense of understanding in order to make them better human beings.

To improve the linguistic competence along with the literary competence of students


2 Years Minimum
and Maximum 4 Years


A Pass in
B.A. English

Program Structure

Semester 1

British Poetry
European Drama
World Literature
Professional Writing
English for Competitive Examinations

Semester 2

American Literature
Language and Linguistics
Popular Literature
Film and Literature

Semester 3

Literary Criticism and Theory
World Literatures in Translation
Women?s Literature
Contemporary Indian Writing

Semester 4

Research Methodology
Teaching English Language and literature
Dissertation& Viva-Voice
Advanced English and Literature

Fee For Indian Students

Fee For Indian Students - Semester Wise

Program Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4 Total
MA Rs. 33000 /- Rs. 33000 /- Rs. 33000 /- Rs. 33000 /- Rs. 1,32,000/-

Fee For Indian Students - Yearly

Program Year 1 Year 2 Total
MA Rs. 66000 /- Rs. 66000 /- Rs. 1,32,000/-

* Exam fees extra to be paid before the exams

* For Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute Alumni Students : 20% Fees Concession of Tuition Fees Component Only.

* No Concession on Admission Fees Component.