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Hospital and Healthcare Management

Online MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management is a Two Years program, that equips you to advance your career in health care institutions like, hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. The student will acquire the managerial knowledge and skills to become the most valued Hospital and Healthcare Administrator. All Hospital and Healthcare Management-related content is created by the leading faculty & highly qualified professors.

Students are required to study the Legal Framework for Hospitals, Organization and Management of Hospital & Health Systems, Epidemiology in Medical and health Care, Healthcare Policy & planning, and more...

The online Hospital and Healthcare Management program is 2 Years and the maximum duration is 4 Years.

Program Objectives

To enable the student to successfully implement management theories and methods

To enable the student to implement the concepts of business policies and ethics

To develop effective leadership skills, functional expertise and strategic acumen

To develop entrepreneurial mindset and acumen for successful business


2 Years Minimum
and Maximum 4 Years


Any Graduate from a
Recognized university.

Program Structure

Semester 1 (Old Syllabus)

Principles of Management
Organization Behavior
Statistical Methods for Managers
Managerial Economics
Basic Accounting for Managers
Business Legislations
Business Communication

Semester 2 (Old Syllabus)

Management Accounting
Optimization Techniques for Managers
Marketing Management
Human Resource Management
Computer Application for Business
Legal Framework for Hospitals
Organization and Management of Hospital & Health Systems (Including Supporting Services)
Epidemiology in Medical and health Care Management

Semester 3 (Old Syllabus)

Research Methodology
Strategic Management
International Business Management
Production and Operations Management
Entrepreneurship Development
Quality Assurance and Management in Hospitals
Risk Management and Health Insurance
Hospital & Healthcare Policy & planning
Summer Project Viva Voce

Semester 4 (Old Syllabus)

Business Ethics
Professional Skill Development

Fee For Indian Students

Fee For Indian Students - Semester Wise

Program Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4 Total
MBA Rs.40000- Rs. 40000/- Rs. 40000/- Rs. 40000/- Rs. 1,60,000/-

Fee For Indian Students - Yearly

Program Year 1 Year 2 Total
MBA Rs.80000/- Rs. 80000/- Rs. 1,60,000/-

Fee For International Students

Program Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4 Total
MBA Rs.49000- Rs. 34,000/- Rs. 34,000/- Rs. 34,000/- Rs. 1,51,000/-

* Exam fees extra to be paid before the exams

* For Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute Alumni Students : 20% Fees Concession of Tuition Fees Component Only.

* No Concession on Admission Fees Component.